Donate Your Unused Instruments

SCUP believes it can support all students through the gift of music.

Musical instruments

If you no longer play your musical instrument, you have the opportunity to enable new music students to “Play it Again”.

Your gift of a musical instrument can open a door to students to shine in an area outside the traditional classroom that they might otherwise never explore. For students who can’t afford one, being able to take home an instrument gives them the chance to be part of a larger group of musicians, and a sense of identity, and develops life skills, perseverance and hard work.

What kind of musical instruments does SCUP accept?

We accept guitars, band instruments, electronics, and almost any musical instruments regardless of age or condition. (Note: The only thing we don’t accept is all pianos – see below). We always like to know the history of the instrument and how you decided to donate it to us, so tell us your story when you donate.

Can I receive a Tax Deduction for my donation?

Yes, SCUP is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity, and all contributions are deductible under section 170 of the IRS Code. You will be given a donation form which will serve as your receipt for tax purposes.

How do I Donate Pianos

**** PIANOS ONLY **** The Santa Clara Adult Education program is looking to replace its 14 pianos with recent, gently used ones that can keep their tune. Sorry, we can’t accept older pianos because they cannot be reused. Please tell us the condition of you piano, year and make when you email me. And send a photo too!

Email Rachael at

How to Donate All Other Instruments


Email Peta Roberts at

Text at (408) 394-7989.

Let us know your city so we can arrange a pick up (San Francisco Bay Area – south).

Jon donating his guitar
Jon donating his guitar

What Happens to the Instruments Donated?

Instruments that are playable will be refurbished and sent to the music teachers, primarily in Santa Clara Unified School District, but also to other districts.

SCUP also works with local music shops to realize the full value of donated instruments that cannot be played where 100% of the proceeds will be used to purchase consumable items, such as reeds, and to pay for maintenance.

1. Donated to a Good Cause

Donation Santa Rosa

The Red Cross helped us donate at least twenty musical instruments to the school district of Santa Rosa at the end of 2017. The district was affected by the North Bay fires in late 2017, and needed instruments for their students. We donated trombones, flutes, keyboards, violins, and guitars for the students. 

2. Working with Music teachers

Instruments that are playable will be refurbished and sent to the music teachers, primarily in Santa Clara Unified School District, but also to other districts.

Here is the Director of Music at Santa Clara High School, Johnny Erdman,  with a donated mixer. Marching band is very happy!

SCHS Music Program_Mixer

Today Ric South, Director of Music at Wilcox High School in Santa Clara took possession of a well loved upright stringed bass.

3. Selling Instruments

musical instrument

SCUP sometimes raises money by selling donated instruments that cannot be played. One hundred percent of the sale proceeds are used to purchase other instruments or pay for maintenance on other instruments.